Question: “How Do I Care For My ecoFLEX Products?”

If you’re asking this, you’re a rockstar pet owner! It means you care about the home your animals are living in! Maintaining a clean crate, chicken barn, or dog house creates a healthier and happier pet. We highly recommend you routinely spot-clean your ecoFLEX product weekly and you deep-clean your product monthly. No maintenance, staining, or stripping is needed on any ecoFLEX products so you won’t be spending your weekend sanding down the product or staining/sealing any ecoFLEX panels. Below you’ll find tips on how to clean your ecoFLEX product.

Spot-Cleaning ecoFLEX:

  1. To spot-clean your ecoFLEX product, use a damp washcloth and any household cleaner. We recommend using distilled vinegar, as this is a non-toxic solution, but any standard household cleaner will work on ecoFLEX.
  2. Simply wipe away any unclean areas of your pet’s ecoFLEX product. Remove the roof, as needed, to reach those hard-to-get-to areas.
  3. Allow the product to fully dry before your pet uses it.

Deep-Cleaning ecoFLEX:

  1. To deep-clean your ecoFLEX product, we recommend using a hose and rinsing out the entire product.
  2. Take your ecoFLEX outside and remove the tabletop or roof of your ecoFLEX product. Set aside, but hang on to those screws!
  3. Spray down the interior and exterior of your ecoFLEX product.
  4. Use any household cleaning solution to scrub and disinfect the interior, as needed.
  5. Allow the product to dry completely before reassembling.

What you DON’T need to do with ecoFLEX products:

  1. Stain or seal the product with toxic sealants every year — we never want you or your pet to have to be exposed to these chemicals!
  2. Replace loose screw or nail heads — we don’t use any metal hardware, so you’ll never have to worry about your pet injuring themselves or swallowing the hardware!
  3. Sand down cracked or chipped edges — ecoFLEX doesn’t splinter, warp, or crack, so you’ll never need to worry about you or your pet’s safety and comfort!
  4. Worry about rot or termite damage — you can put ecoFLEX right on the ground and never worry!
  5. Wipe away mold or mildew — because ecoFLEX doesn’t absorb moisture, your pet’s home will never have any mold or mildew!
  6. Throw away the unit after just a few years — ecoFLEX has a 10 YEAR WARRANTY, so you won’t be replacing it any time soon!

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