ecoFLEX Bunk House

-Extremely durable ecoFLEX material lasts for years
-10-year warranty
-Easy to assemble, no tools required (assembly video included)
-Can be easily painted
-Flow-through ventilation and elevated from the ground with step-in design

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Product Description

Better than wood, better than plastic, the best of both. Buy it Once, But it Right! ecoChoice! Designed to be best for your pet’s health, and the best for you! Easy Clean; No-tool needed Assembly; Elevated from the ground; Step In Design; Flow Thru Ventilation; Maintenance Free. 10-year warranty.

Available in three sizes, one color with green trim.

Product Specifications

Exterior (in) Interior (in)  Door (in)
Size L W H  L W H  W H
S 26.0 23.3 17.5 18.2 22.0 10.0 9.0 11.0
L 36.2 31.1 34.8 31.5 23.6 31.5 14.0 18.0
XL 43.5 34.8 37.8 39.4 28.0 34.4 16.0 19.5

Download Assembly Instructions