Vinyl Flap Door

-Provides added warmth during cold months
-Easily installs in minutes, no tools
-Durable construction
-Vinyl covers to keep screw bosses clean and ready for installation at a later time

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Product Description

Vinyl door provides closure for the cold months and protection from the elements all year round. Easily installs into screw bosses that are already in the New Age Pet houses. Includes large head, knurled screws that do not require tools for installation. Also includes vinyl covers to use when the door is removed to keep the screw bosses clean and ready for re-installation at a later time. Be sure to choose the correct door to fit your new age pet home.

Product Specifications

  • Small Fits: Small Bunkhouse.
  • Medium Fits: Medium Bunkhouse, medium Santa Fe Chalet, medium Rustic Lodge.
  • Large Fits: Large Bunkhouse, XL Rustic Lodge, XL Santa Fe Chalet, XL ThermoCore Insulated Rustic Lodge house.
  • X-Large Fits: XL Bunkhouse, XL ThermoCore Insulated Bunk Style house.

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