New Rabbit Hutches Provide More Options to House Your Pet

Raising rabbits has been a popular hobby for years.  For kids in 4H and FFA it is an activity that everyone participates in.  Now, with its ecoConcepts™ Dog Houses firmly established with expanding worldwide distribution, New Age Pet announces the development and immediate availability of its all new ecoConcepts Huntington Townhouse and Southern Dome Rabbit Hutches.  With the built in benefits that come with the use of New Age Pet’s exclusive ecoFLEX™ material, these new Rabbit Hutches are unique in many ways.

“We learned a lot in 2009 as we grew as a company and the popularity of raising rabbits was one of those things we learned.” said Don Reisinger, Director of Sales & Marketing for New Age Pet.   “The ability of our factory to quickly develop a number of options for us using ecoFLEX™ allowed us to find the right design and get the product ready for production quickly.  One of our European distributors had a strong opinion on the model he thought were right for us to start out with and we felt his recommendation was solid for the US as well.” he added.

ecoConcepts products are manufactured by New Age Pet using ecoFLEX, a blend of recycled polymers and wood by products in varying proportions.  The manufacturing technology employed determines the blend of ecoFLEX that is used.  New Age is currently marketing a wide range of products using various blends of ecoFLEX in the Pet, Lawn & Garden and Animal Containment categories.

The unique characteristics of ecoFLEX provide consumers with distinct advantages over wood structures starting with extended usable life since ecoFLEX structures will easily outlast 2 - maybe even 3 - made from wood.  Yet, with a high wood content, the products look like and - in many ways - are like wood.  The big difference comes in that unlike wood, they are AllProof™ since there are no worries that come with wood from weather, moisture, rot and insects.  ecoFLEX doesn’t warp, twist or crack like wood so assembly is much easier.  ecoConcepts products have a natural creamy poplar finish that will remain new looking for years, a big advantage over traditional stained wood products.  As an option, ecoConcepts products can be painted using any exterior latex paint or stained using oil based stains.

“The new Rabbit Hutches assemble as easily as all of our products and have all of the features you would need or want.” added Reisinger.  “Since there are never any tools required, the assembly can be easily completed in 10-15 minutes.  The integrated pen on the Townhouse features welded wire plus both have predator resistant locks on both the upper doors to the hutch and the lower gate to the pen. A pull out drawer makes it easy to clean and with these hutches being maintenance free, consumers will appreciate them even more over the years of use they will experience.” he concluded.


New Age Pet Columbia Rabbit Hutch


New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit Hutch


New Age Pet Park Avenue Indoor Hutch



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2 Responses to New Rabbit Hutches Provide More Options to House Your Pet

  1. hosting information March 3, 2016 at 5:53 am #

    Very Intriguing! However, is there danger if the rabbit chews and ingests this? The polymer doesn’t sound safe…

    I have an indoor “free-range” rabbit. Looking for a solution to his litter/ hay box. Preferably covered to look like a table? Another challenge…he is a BIG rabbit. I have a nice home and don’t want my bunny box out anymore, however, he had made up his mind where he wants it. Help!

    • hosting information March 3, 2016 at 5:16 pm #

      Sandy: The ecoFLEX composite material we use is completely non-toxic and inert. We know of numerous incidents where dogs have chewed on one of our houses, ingested material with no impact. As a real manufacturer, we have had to test our products when we manufacture for a customer under one of their brands. In almost all cases, the customer chooses the testing lab and conducts the tests so we are hands off.

      I regards to your free range bunny. Have you taken a look at one of our Litter Loos? We have 2 sizes and they come in 3 colors. I will send you some pictures using your email.

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