What’s New with New Age Pet at Global Pet Expo 2016!

This year, 2016, we’re debuting 14 new pet product items at Global Pet Expo in Orlando! You’ll find innovative new products you’ve never seen anywhere else (because they don’t exist!), including the Abigail Murphy Bed and Brea Pet Pantry. Functionality reigns king as we’re creating products that are designed to be more efficient and have multiple purposes for you, your pet, and your home. And all in a stylish, contemporary design. You’ll see improvements in finishes, including two-toned designs with metal accents. These modern yet subtle designs will work in a variety of homes. Because we’re pet owners too, we know how seriously you take toxicity and chemicals. That’s why ecoFLEX is never stained or treated with any toxic chemicals, and we take pride in sourcing our recycled woods from European countries with high industry standards.

  •  You’ll find continued improvement and expansion across all of our product lines — indoor, outdoor, and urban farm — to include more color and size options.
  • We’ve upgraded hardware and latches.
  • Another size option is now available on our bestselling Litter Loo to accommodate a self-cleaning litter pan. The Jumbo Litter Loo!
  • We’ve introduced a new color, Antique White, across our expanded indoor line of items: the ecoFLEX Crate, Litter Loo, HiLo Diner, Brea Pantry, Abigail Murphy Bed, Manhattan Pet Bed, and more.
  • We’ve also added more color options to our outdoor and urban farm line, including the debut of the Fontana Chicken Barn in red!
  • Speaking of chicken, you’ll find more chicken coop sizes — the Fremont Coop, Fontana Barn and Pen, and Jumbo Fontana Barn and Pen — along with more colors.

See more on our our expanding indoor, outdoor, and urban farm lines by exploring our website!


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