About Us

Pinta International Inc. is the US based subsidiary of Hang Wing Environmental Company Ltd.  a manufacturer of a wide range of products in its factory in Shantou, China.  This Direct-From-Factory relationship – unique in the categories we market to – provides Pinta with the ability to have complete design and quality control while minimizing costs and allowing for speedy market response.  Contrary to traditional trans-pacific business models, the relationship allows for pre-manufacture and warehousing of products which permits rapid restock of fast selling products and the ability to serve customers quickly on Direct Import orders.

Pinta’s philosophy has been and remains to grab a leadership position and to consistently market high quality products that provide the end user with unique benefits previously unseen in these categories along with attention to the needs of our business partners.

It starts with ecoFLEX™.  ecoFLEX is a composite blend of recycled polymers and reclaimed wood fiber by products.  ecoFLEX is used to manufacture the majority of Pinta’s products under the ecoConcepts™ and ecoChoice™ brands.  In addition to being an unquestioned green material – the materials used would be disposed of in landfills or burned is not used to make ecoFLEX -  ecoFLEX presents consumers a long list of benefits that are derived from its very nature as a composite.

Pinta’s fundamental philosophy – to be ever conscious of the well being of the animals who are to live in our products as well as the end users – requires the recycled and reclaimed materials used for ecoFLEX to be acquired from sources where prior use is certified or, in the case of the wood components, come from a subsidiary lumber yard to assure content and purity.  (Learn more about ecoConcepts). It is not necessary but in this way, Pinta has 100% confidence in the source and safety of its materials.

Regardless of the product you buy from one of our marketing partners, you will get the best value available; a product that will serve you and your pet or your pet-unias far better than competitive products for a much longer period of time.

In addition to the products manufactured using the ecoFLEX composite, Pinta also manufactures a number of products using other manufacturing processes.  In-house capabilities include injection molding, pressure forming, sewing and knitting.

Having started as an OEM manufacturer serving a number of companies based in the US and elsewhere, Pinta understands the needs of companies that rely on a manufacturer like Pinta for high quality and reliable deliveries.

While it has developed and is marketing products under the ecoConcepts and ecoChoice brands among others, Pinta maintains its long standing relationships with many – in fact most – of its OEM customers.

Full Product Underway in the Newly Expanded ecoFlex™ Factory


                                                                   New Facility Overview                     ecoFLEX™ Production Lne

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                                                               Injection Molding Machines                             QC Lab